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3DXChat – our review

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3DXChat – our review

3DXChat is, without a doubt, the most impressive adult multiplayer experience in the world. Nowhere else will you find a 3D, open-world experience with such stunning graphical quality and such a vibrant userbase.

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Official trailer

What better way to get a feel for a game? Check out 3DXChat’s official trailer with in-game footage:

Testimonials from 3DXChat players

We can go on and on about how we love 3DXChat, but the more the better. That is why we asked real players what their experiences has been like. If you played and loved the game, don’t hesitate to contact us with your 3DXChat reviews!

Latinamama (Pornhub model)
“I love connecting with my viewers in 3DXChat. It is honestly the best adult game I have ever played.”

Misssixty (adult model)
” being able to connect with all kind of different people from around the world and have great interaction does it for me in 3DXChat, I just love it!”

Magnar66 (personal trainer)
“my hours of work are so crazy that I don’t find time to make it to the bars and clubs when they are open…3DXChat is always open for business. I meet great girls and can really let loose after a long day/night”

DonnyFrisco (DJ)
“I love this game, as a DJ I travel a lot and what I like most about 3DXChat is to see what people enjoy when they go out clubbing. The game is not only super fun and relaxing, but for me, kind of is a research thing also”

D&D (business owners)
“David en I are together for over 7 years now, we always have had a great sexlife, but lately we were in a slump. I friend of mine recommended 3DXChat, to spice things up. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but man, our slump became a hump”

Leslielow (copywriter)
“I find it hard to fit in the real world, to find my place and my sexual identity. Thanks to 3DXChat I can experiment and see where I feel most comfortable, I love it!”

Lulu (housewife and interior designer)
“I love interior design and with 3DXChat I can find myself designing restaurants and resorts for hours on end. To be honest, the sex thing is not really my thing, but meeting new people with the same interest as me is very enjoyable. I even upload my designs in the 3DXChat store and allows me to make some money on the side”

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3dxchat reviews

External 3DXChat reviews

3DXChat has been reviewed in many external publications. Check out some of the reviews here!

Future of Sex (www.futureofsex.net)
“A Multiplayer 3D Sex Game with Incredible Graphics! 3DXChat is an adult virtual world where you can explore your secret sexual desires; where you can be and do just about anything that you want.”

Hookupguru (www.hookupguru.com)
“3DXChat is one of the best downloadable games on the market. It is available only for adults looking to fulfill their wildest dreams. It is an incredibly interactive example of virtual sex in the best quality”

Games 4 Guys (www.games4guys.net)
“Since its spectacular release 3DXChat has become one of the most popular sex video games among millions of online gamers all over the world. I was waiting for something like 3DXChat and was really happy to become one of the first users of this spectacular game. Playing 3DXChat I can see how the game is growing in size and popularity. To tell you the truth I think we won`t see anything of the kind in the net within the next few years.”

The Virtual Sex Review (www.thevirtualsexreview.com)
“3DXChat is a wonderful adult MMO with all the major features you could ever want. The virtual sex game gets top marks for beautifully rendered graphics, sound and animation.”

Adult Games News (www.adultgamesnews.com)
“3DXChat is more than just an adult game; it’s a social environment for adults who want to meet online, play and have fun, both sexually and otherwise. The beauty of an adult MMORPG like 3DXChat is that it enables you to experience things that you wouldn’t experience in real life; you can form an online persona of the person that you would like to be.”

Naughty Worlds (www.naughtyworlds.com)
“3DXChat, an online multiplayer 3D dating game, community & virtual world, is one of the must prominent adult worlds available today. The graphics are amazing for the genre.”



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