3DXChat avatar manual

Learn how to create your perfect you

One of the best things about any game is  the ability to create your own avatar. This is especially true when playing an adult game. After all, the purpose of your 3DXChat avatar is to seduce and to connect with other players in the game.

Experimentation is encouraged

If you want to experiment with your avatar, or you don’t immediately know which style you want to go for, that’s ok! You can make and choose between three different avatars. These avatars don’t necessarily have to be the same gender, either. Feel free to choose one female avatar and two male avatars or one female, one male and one transgender avatar. The choice is yours!

3DXChat avatar options

  • Gender: As soon as you have chosen your avatar’s gender, it’s time to choose your name. The name must be at least four characters long. Spaces and numbers are not accepted.
  • Age: You can also choose the age of your avatar, this can be your real age, but any age between 18-99 is fine.
  • Sexual preference: Make sure to indicate your sexual preferences. Maybe you are mainly interested in men or women or anything in between.
  • Residence: You can choose a location of residence, this can be your actual hometown, or maybe your avatar lives in Miami?
  • About you: In the “about me” section you can share some information about yourself, your interests or those of your avatar. You can really go into detail or choose to remain mysterious. You can check a marriage option, so it is certainly nice to try it out with your partner, just to spice things up!

avatar creation

Customizing your 3DXChat avatar

When you have finished entering all your choices, click on ‘save’. Don’t worry, you can adjust all the information afterwards if necessary. When you have saved everything, proceed to the “Character selection screen” page to pick the avatar you want to play as.

It’s important to note that you can edit an avatar at any time by clicking on “edit”.

The avatar customization options are near limitless. You can customize a lot of details such as shape of the face, hairstyle and color, whether you have glasses or a hat etc. You can select your outfit and even adjust your jewelry, accessories and tattoos.

avatar face

avatar outfit

male avatar

It’s also possible to delete an avatar completely. Some caution is advised, as by clicking “delete” you delete everything that is linked to this avatar (houses, gifts, friends, clothes, …).

Ready to play the game? Just click Play and enjoy!

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