3DXChat controls and user interface

Getting around in 3DXChat

Let’s take a closer look at the 3DXChat controls. Since the game is only available on PC, the primary controller is the mouse, which you will use to move your avatar.

  • A left mouse button click positions your avatar;
  • Whenever an action is possible, you will see a green star, which means that you can perform an action. Left click to perform the action.
  • When an action is finished, the avatar will automatically move to the previous position.

Camera controls

The default camera angle shows your avatar in a third-person perspective, as well as the surrounding scene. There are three different camera positions, which you can switch using the F5, F6 and F7 keys on your keyboard:

  • F5 is the free-look angle. You can use this camera separately from your avatar. You mainly use this to get an overview of the scene.
  • F6 is third-person view. Use it to see yourself, the camera follows your avatar.
  • F7 is a 1st person view.

3dxchat character controls

3DXChat controls and keyboard shortcuts

There are some basic keyboard shortcuts;

  • 1 Makes the character moan, not only in sex mode
  • 2 Makes the character ejaculate or squirt, only active in sex mode
  • ESC Open/close Menu
  • F1 Settings
  • F5 Free camera
  • F6 3rd person camera view
  • F7 1st person camera view
  • SHIFT+O Oculus Rift mode on/off
  • SHIFT+Z Hide/show user interface (e.g. for screenshots)
  • SHIFT+C Hide/show mouse pointer
  • ENTER Shows the chat window (if not visible)

3DXChat user interface

Let’s take a closer look at the interface!

3dxchat controls

Top menu

In the top left corner you will see a camera icon which you can use for screenshots. You will also see the name of your avatar and the amount of gold you have on your account. The official currency of 3DXChat is called ‘XGold’. Please note that the amount of XGold you see here is for the entire account, not just for this avatar. In addition, the top menu also features a button labelled ‘Get XGold’, which you can use to buy extra gold. Click ‘+Add Virtual partner’ to see if anyone of your connections are present. These will then appear as small flags.

Bottom menu

In the bottom left corner you will see three buttons, “Select Location” , “Character Editor” and a cloud icon.

  • The Select Location button, unsurprisingly, can be used to change the location. To learn more about the “Select Location” button, click here.
  • You use the “Character Editor” button to switch avatars or to make adjustments to your existing avatar.
  • The cloud is there so that you can choose the time or part of the day.

At the bottom right of the page you have a few more buttons; clothes, chat, my profile, settings and menu. These are rather self-explanatory: you can change your clothes, you get access to the chat room, you can go into your profile, the settings and the menu.

Right side menu

On the right side you can find the character controls. This is where you can choose the action you want to perform, such as stepping, walking, dancing, lying down, sitting, selecting a sex position and whether you want to use an accessory such as a strap-on!

That’s all for the 3DXChat controls! Now go and enjoy the game!

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