3DXChat VR

3DXChat is compatible with various VR devices such as headsets and sex toys. In a nutshell, 3DXChat supports:

  • Oculus headsets (specifically the Oculus Rift at the moment, but newer models are sure to follow)
  • All Lovense toys (read more about it here)
  • KIIROO Onyx and Pearl

As an interactive world for adults, 3DXChat can’t fall behind in the implementation of Virtual Reality devices. These devices are a match made in heaven for an adult virtual world, as they contribute to a greater enjoyment and immersion.

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Virtual Reality support

VR support allows you to truly feel like you are inside the game! At the moment, 3DXChat supports only one brand of VR headset, namely the Oculus. The game is specifically designed to work with the Oculus, which was chosen because it is a leading brand when it comes to VR Headsets. Other headsets may be supported in the future.

The use of a headset with the game allows you to ‘freelook’ in VR, which is a fantastic addition to this already immersive virtual world.

3dxchat vr

Sex toys support

3DXChat has partnered with Lovense. As a result, the full range of Lovense toys is fully compatible with 3DXCHat, allowing users to enjoy real, tangible pleasure together with other players.

3dxchat sex toys

Additionally, the KIROO toys (Pearl and Onyx, specifically) have been reported by users to work well with the game.

3dxchat lovense

Future additions to 3DXChat VR

It goes without saying, virtual reality, augmented reality and compatibility with sex toys are very important for the future of online adult platforms. As such, this is very much a priority for the 3DXChat developers.

It’s safe to say we can expect implementation of compatibility with a wider range of headsets in the future, followed closely by the addition of a wider range of toys.

3dxchat oculus

For more information and the latest updates on virtual support in 3DXChat, please refer to this page on the 3DXChat site: https://3dxchat.com/vr-sex-toys.html

virtual reality in 3DXChat