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3DXChat locations – general information

3DXChat world editor manual

Watch the world editor video

A closer look at some of the existing locations

3DXChat locations

Whenever you start the game, you are asked to pick a location. There are a lot of very cool locations in the game, and if you are feeling creative or entrepreneurial, you can even create your own.

Your choices are, in a nutshell:

  • Your home (My World)
  • One of the seven standard locations in the game
  • Custom locations which other users have shared with you

My World

“My world” is your home in the game.  You are free to edit or completely change it. You can create a small cozy condo, a huge mansion, a nightclub (one user faithfully recreated “Lux” from the series Lucifer) or even a resort! Anything is possible.

You can also give access to other players to your apartment or house. and completely adapt it to your own style.

Standard locations

The game provides seven locations right out of the box: saloon, beach, love island, fresco club, yacht, night club and sin club.

Other user’s locations

On the right side of the interface you will see custom locations that other players have shared with you.

3DXChat world editor manual

If you’ve always dreamed about opening a restaurant, you can! Want to be an owner of a casino or nightclub, no problem! That is what’s so unique and amazing about the 3DXChat world editor: you can create whatever you want.

In this manual you can find more information about the tools available in the world editor. You will learn how to control the camera, how to create and move objects and much more.

Credit where credit is due: this manual was originally created by Gizmo, and was afterwards updated by NiceKati. You can download the full PDF manual for the 3DXChat world editor here: 3DXChat World Editor manual

Watch the world editor video

Locations created with the 3DXChat world editor

Let’s take a look at some locations created by actual players. They did such a good job we decided to mention their alias along with their creations

Farm: by TomJM

As you can see, the ‘Farm’ location created by TomJM, is, well, a farm. This bar-inside-a-barn has seen many a hoedown, to be sure!

3dxchat world editor location - farm

The Sanctuary Hideout: by LukeM

It’s all about rest and relaxation in ‘The Sanctuary Hideout’ location by LukeM. Come and experience the zen atmosphere. We dare you not to be relaxed!

3dxchat world editor location - sanctuary


And here are some visuals from the standard locations:

Sin club

The ‘Sin Club’ is as notorious and infamous as it is popular. This is truly the place where the party never ends!

sin club location


If you fancy a romp through the Wild Wild West, there’s no better place than the Saloon. Come and live out your comboy fantasies!

saloon location


Is there any location that says ‘luxury’ more eloquently then a yacht? We don’t think so! Ideal for smaller-scale, private luxury parties in the perfect setting!

yacht location

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